Top 10 Writer Songs


elvis costello

Or so I say:

10. Hey Jack Kerouac, Natalie Merchant

9. TSMNWA (They Spelled My Name Wrong Again), Loudon Wainwright

8. Lady Writer, Dire Straits

7. Paperback Writer, The Beatles

6. Edit, Regina Spektor

5. Everyday I Write the Book, Elvis Costello

4. Invisible Ink, Aimee Mann

3. Sunday Papers, Joe Jackson Band

2. When I Write the Book, Rockpile

1. Times They are a Changin’, Bob Dylan (come writers and critics, who prophesize with your pens…)



Published: Thursday, 7 June 2007 Tags: writer writers writing songs list top 10 elvis costello regina spektor rockpile aimee mann bob dylan natalie merchant joe jackson loudon wainwright beatles dire straits


A visitor‘ left this comment on 11 Jun 07
When I lie down to sleep, I have the same dream of a world-famous actress in a pink limousine. And she flies through the sky in that pink Cadillac, while the boys of the press, we drink vodka in back. And she tells us our fortune by crumbling leaves, and she teaches us card tricks — the Jack makes us weak.

(“She Divines Water,” Camper Van Beethoven)

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