Blogtoberfest 2016 – And How

IMG_6925Pumpkin Watch 2013 – I think we can do better this year.

at The Jump has been an annual celebration of all things Octobery and bloggy for a while now.

This year, the gist is largely the same. I’ll be blogging feverishly about all of the October things I love — horror movies, fall baking and decorating, the best road-trips of the season in and around New England, etc. — and you (yes, you!) are invited to submit a guest post at any time throughout the month. Readers pick the winner, and you’ll be entered to win a (fairly small) prize.

The topic can be just about anything that falls remotely under the umbrella of ‘October.’ That can definitely relate to Halloween and all the spookiness that ensues, but it doesn’t have to. Some equate October more with baseball or poker; others with Breast Cancer Awareness, others still with Jewish High Holy Days.

If you’re itching to blog but you’re stuck for inspiration, here’s a tip: there are more than 125 official ‘National Days‘ in October in the U.S. alone, including National Kick Butt Day and National Cheese Curd Day (plus some meant to be taken more seriously, such as National Coming Out Day and National Stop Bullying Day).

Here’s another nudge, too – you’re free to write a blog post, but photo montages, video, audio, and anything else you can come up with is also fair game. Send your entries to writerjax – at – gmail .com with the subject line BLOGTOBERFEST to get started, and keep an eye on The Jump for more entries and inspiration. You can follow the #Blogtoberfest hashtag, too — there are a few other similar ‘fests out there, but this time of year, we dominate.

Happy Blogging!





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