Blogtoberfest 2021 Playlist

The 2021 playlist of all songs October is here!

After compiling more than a dozen of these over the years, and trying to introduce fresh tracks every time, this exercise has gotten to be a challenge — but still a fun one.

This year’s mix has a decidedly EDM flavor to it, but still includes vintage picks, new songs, and a healthy smattering of nods to the horror-movie beat. I think Purge Siren Dubstep is my favorite discovery of the year, while my favorite nostalgia pick is Fable by Robert Miles. Any Gen Xer will recall hearing this track in every club, bar, and mall for a full six months in 1996. Otherwise, this might be a new and exciting dance mix for you, so you’re welcome. 😉

The 2020 Archived playlist:

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