Continued: Monthly Intro Pages

I posted recently about a new addition I’m trying in my Project Life album — scrap-journal-style monthly intro pages. Here are two more that are theoretically done:


scrapbook layout on a pastel blue background with a hummingbird in the middle

While my first attempt at one of these spreads was more of a vision board, September’s was closer to a retrospective. Looking back at the photos of the month, I remember feelings of hope and rebirth, mixed with the foreboding that, while I was away fighting a different battle, some things had gone stagnant at my normal station.

October was a marked improvement.


Repurposed greeting cards

Apothecary Stickers

Statue of Freedom 2018 $2 USA stamp

Vellum swatchbook embellishment

Rhinestone gem stickers

Month and quote stickers printed with Phomemo mini-printer


Scrapbook page on a purple background

January’s page became kind of a whackfest, but it also used a lot of loose supplies and repurposed items. I think it’s representative of the month; it went fast, we did a lot of art projects, and I had no idea what year it was.


Repurposed greeting cards

Repurposed kid’s sticker-book stickers

Repurposed daily planner pages (vintage ad, New Yorker cartoon)

Repurposed artists’ sample book pages

Apothecary stickers

Month sticker printed with Phomemo mini-printer

Rhinestone gem stickers

Vellum swatchbook embellishment

Sticker Mule swag decal

SHEIN Stationery stickers

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