Blogtober Viewing Round-up, Part One

Choose or Die

A solid tech-horror with a voice-only cameo by Robert Englund, vacillating between present day and the 1980s in storyline, software, and scenery.

Girl on the Third Floor

Really-very-poorly-named film with a main character who’s hard to like. Still, it’s a haunted house movie.

Dahmer (series)

That new Ryan Murphy show everyone is talking about is a good one for true-crime aficionada, and yes, the true-crime-is-not-horror argument has reached me. I argue this particular take is horror…if not a (largely) historically accurate one. It’s shot like a horror, written like a horror, and let’s face it — there are more body parts in the true Dahmer story than in the first two fictional installments of Friday the 13th. Counterpoint made.


Yes, I’m absolutely including this monstrosity on the Blogtober Viewing list, and not just because I would’ve ultimately preferred having been kidnapped by a hockey-masked murderer than having it burned into my memory bank. This piece of crap actually does include several horror elements, such as distorted psychedelic faces, horrifying medical sequences, and even a night-vision scene. None of that’s to say I want anyone else to watch it, though.

Final Destination, 1 – 5

In preparation for the upcoming sixth installment, this year’s Freaky Franchise Viewing was Final Destination 1- 5. I’d already seen 1 (airplane crash), 2 (logging truck highway melee), and 3 (rollercoaster derailment), so I rewatched those, then got up to speed with The Final Destination — not called, for whatever reason, Final Destination 4, which is maddening (car racetrack disaster) — and Final Destination 5 (bridge collapse).

Old People

Another foray from the horrorphiles of Germany, Old People is of the haunted village ilk, and includes some creepy music cues, complicated family dynamics, and inventive uses of a brass bed knob.

And Among the Annual Rewatches:

Young Frankenstein – Rollll, rollll… roll in ze hay…

Beetlejuice – JaxKid starting to get into it. Dig.

Jaws – unsung for its comedic moments.

Final Destination 5 image created for: Kreative people Movie MadnessI liked the effects representing the dream of the boy on the bridge.In my country we call this movie “Premonição 5”*Make It Interesting ~ Challenge 3 (Waterfall)Source image with thanks to Enortexture by Pareeericatexture by Carlos Arana

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