Breaking Down the Scrap: Monthly Intro Page

I’ve been documenting life in scrap-form steadily for many years, with varying degrees of creative oomph.

Sometimes, it’s simply enough to just get the photos into the pockets and call it a day; other times the crafty bug strikes, and layouts turn into paper-based celebrations of mundane errands. It really depends on how your week is going.

That said, in an effort to flex my creative muscles more regularly and incorporate some more journaling type scrapping into the mix, I’m trying a new thing in my Project Life album: an intro page for the month.

A scrapbook layout with a lot of black and pink colors and a photo of a woman with black hair pulled back making a kissing face.
layout jcs 2022

This layout for November was meant serve as one-part vision board, one-part nod to my two favorite geographic states-of-mind (if you will): the mountains and the sea. It’s an 8.5×11 collage in a 12×12 album.

The featured focal point is musician / cosmetics maven Qveen Herby, as I repurposed packaging from a recent purchase from her company, and have been vibing on her music for months.

Elements, clockwise:

– SHEIN Stationery stickers

Original art-card, art by Ron Ragusa

– Repurposed eyeshadow packaging and coupon postcard, Qveen Studio

Apothecary stickers, Amazon

– Miscellaneous scrap paper and glitter tape

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